Call Of Duty

"Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 3" is a game about shooting genre fierce battle between the British-Russian-American plot practical, good game play, along with vivid battle will satisfy the game most difficult player

World Of Tank

World of Tanks is an online game dedicated to armored warfare in the mid- 20th century . Put yourself in high -ranking member position control armored combat sortie in search of glory to save the history books


Digital Extremes seems to have decided that a mafia boss possessed by shadow demons just wasn’t good enough. No, the gaming world needed something different, which brings us to Warframe !!

Hack Glu Coin

HACK GLU COIN Version 2.0

August 19, 2013

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How To Root Devices


Note: make a backup of the data before performing

I -Driver: The problem with Windows is that we always need drivers, to Kingo software can recognize your device. Driver, each a different label, here you have the driver of LG and Samsung to share for you. With other companies, you can Google to find, if anyone has it to share out here for everyone to use offline.\
II -After the driver installation is complete
1. Download and install Kingo: Then run Android root Kingo.
2. Make sure to turn on the device
.Setting/ About tablet/ Software Infomation - Click on the Build Number 7 times to unlock Developer Options
.Setting/ Developer Options - Click to choose the USB Debugging

.Setting/ Sercurity - Click to choose Unknow sources - Uncheck Verify apps - Done
3. Plug the device into your computer, Kingo will automatically receive and record bottom-Connected
4. Click to start rooting Root, after pressing, you do not need anymore. Root process is quite fast, I tried to LG G Pad, it takes about 1 minute
5.After root is complete, the device will automatically reboot. In case of success, try again.