February 5, 2014

Hack Coin GLU All Game For Android

HACK GLU COIN Version 2.0
1 : Install apk file and install Gun Bros on
2 : Turn off network : wifi , 3g ...
3 : Run the newly installed software , then run Gun Bros , Gun Bros now on you had 180k Glu .
4 : You have to use 180k buy 4 guns that cost many most coin glucose , 4 at the end of the gun .
5 : Escape Gun Bros , run the software already installed then, when memory is running up text segment must be OK if it runs okay prevent groundwater from scratch , or you best check the software that is running not, turn it off and ran back okay . By this , you are done with all of GLU games ( when installing version 2.0 ) , you buy the game comfortably without being negative for glucose exit when you run the software and it only deletes a value Glu service without deleting the original map . Glu positive if the owners want to continue to step 6 , then okay .
6 : Turn on wifi , on the Gun Bros , this time , the number of Glu Glu is the number corresponding to the actual number of accounts , not in google up some time ago . But in Gun Bros , there are 4 other genuine gun . Sell ​​it go 4 gate you will have about 4k glucose coin . This number is quite large it already , if they need to repeat the steps above to proceed , this will be the number of glucose following glucose your account , on the other game of glucose are

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