July 4, 2014

TriWar Online

TriWar Online is developed by Teejex is going to enter the first closed beta on July 4, and this beta will last until July 7. Triwar Online sets in the world where three different races including Ellon, Arendal, and Quan are in war. The key war system provides regular war mode and siege war mode every two hours per day. You can take part in different modes freely. Besides, the class is decided by the weapon you use which means that there is no pre-selected class when you start playing. What's more, this game also introduces a variety of mounts in game.

In TriWar, players will be participating in the battle of the three major tribes in the game: Ellon, Arendal and Quan. Besides plow hoes, just like any other online games take immersive gameplay style, every day, gamers will have 2 hours to participate in massive PvP battles between the 3 factions.

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